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Our work


Tender is a domestic and sexual abuse prevention charity that's championed by patron Olivia Colman. Marking its 20th anniversary, the new brand and website we created reflect Tender's creativity and celebrate its commitment to kindness.

Shephard & Moyes

The brand we created for Shephard & Moyes puts their strong work ethic and sense of humour at the identity's heart.

Complete Works 

We were tasked to create a visual language for an energetic visitor-destination training company that uses historical storytelling techniques to vividly bring the past to life for audiences.

Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors’ mission is to transform the justice system with solutions that tackle the root causes of reoffending. Before working with them, Revolving Doors had no real brand to speak of and a cumbersome website.

Flex Legal

Flex Legal was born with the simple idea of connecting busy law firms and in-house counsel with the brightest, experience-seeking law graduates. This was the starting point for the dynamic identity of a forward-thinking, flexible, on-demand legal service. 

Radiotherapy UK

Radiotherapy UK has a warm, human brand and a streamlined website that feel calm and welcoming for patients and health professionals alike.


Inkstick offers opinion on American foreign policy, using everyday language to demystify the news, without droning on.

London Youth

London Youth improves the lives of young Londoners by providing empowering opportunities through and with youth organisations. 

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