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Tender is a domestic and sexual abuse prevention charity that's championed by patron Olivia Colman. Marking its 20th anniversary, the new brand and website we created reflect Tender's creativity and celebrate its commitment to kindness. 

One of the most visible transformations in Tender’s rebrand is the logo. While the heart motif, symbolic of love and compassion, has remained central, it has evolved to reflect connection and warmth. The new logo alludes to hands coming together – a handshake or an embrace – a powerful representation of the unity, support and collaboration that is at the core of Tender’s work.


We commissioned Ellie Ross-Wilkinson to produce a suite of illustrations that capture Tender’s friendliness, inclusivity and approachability through a series of expressive, colourful characters in different settings. 


Tender’s rebrand also features a more optimistic voice and tone – using language of hope, empowerment and change. And the strapline has undergone a transformation to align more closely with this optimistic outlook, making Tender's message more accessible to children in primary schools.

“We’re so thankful to Osch for their dynamic, inspiring work and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

Susie McDonald - CEO, Tender
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