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Revolving Doors

Revolving Doors’ mission is to transform the justice system with solutions that tackle the root causes of reoffending. Before working with them, Revolving Doors had no real brand to speak of and a cumbersome website.


We introduced a strapline to bring clarity to the organisation’s name, distilled and simplified their messaging, and created a bright, eye-catching website with an intuitive and consistent structure. Revolving Doors had very little imagery, and the images they did have were repetitive and uninspiring, so we developed a library of symbolic photography, with a simple but distinct treatment, that the team could extend to future design. The logo we designed echoed their call for change and we developed a brand identity that captured the organisation’s confident, cutting-edge approach.

Osch Directors Oscar Park and Chloë Roach worked on this project whilst at Wired Canvas.

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