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London & East Sussex
+44 (0) 7780 700 713 

We're passionate about creating imaginative brands, design and websites for ethical organisations that are in search
of a fresh perspective.

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Tender is a domestic and sexual abuse prevention charity that's championed by patron Olivia Colman. Marking its 20th anniversary, the new brand and website we created reflect Tender's creativity and celebrate its commitment to kindness. 

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Complete works

The visual language for Complete Works blends the new with the old, breathing excitement and energy into historic buildings and bringing the past to life.

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Revolving Doors

Striking and unafraid - the new identity and website we created for Revolving Doors celebrates their cutting-edge approach and simplifies their messaging.

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It’s fair to say the terms 'logo' and 'logos' have undergone a few changes over the years. They've evolved from their ancient philosophical roots to contemporary significance in the vocabulary of branding and communication. But how have these words and their meanings transformed over time and what do they mean now? 


We were recently working with a client on a branding project and by the third draft of the values statement we were still struggling to reach a consensus. Why could no one agree on the underlying sentiment and why was everyone scratching their head over semantics?


It’s time to talk about a topic that often gets swept under the rug in our industry: the chaotic state of branding terminology. Why does our field lack a unified language, which inadvertently leaves clients lost in linguistic limbo?

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Flex Legal

Flex was born with the simple idea of connecting busy law firms and in-house counsel with the brightest, experience-seeking law graduates. 

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Shephard & Moyes

The brand we created for Shephard & Moyes puts their strong work ethic and sense of humour at the identity's heart.

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