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Awesome plays a crucial role in Islington: providing free, supervised adventure play for children, where they can learn about each other and the world around them. Islington has the second fewest areas of open space in the UK – so not only are these spaces for young adventurers fun, they’re vital too.

Awesome was given its name by children, so we made sure the new brand captured their passion. We removed the corporate jargon, and introduced an imaginative, energetic tone of voice that was formed alongside the vibrant visual brand: scrapbooks, stamps and paint - the materials children play with at Awesome - were all sources of inspiration.

In collaboration with the children, we designed a unique stamp for each adventure playground, which could be collected when they visited. This also met one of Awesome’s organisational aims: for children to explore more than one playground.

Awesome’s incredible photo library, which hadn’t been used extensively in the past, is at the heart of the new website, complemented by other playful elements, including the team’s ‘superhero personas’ and the site’s 404 page, which helps you to ‘get out of the swamp’. The website is fun and easy to navigate, with clear calls to action, directing users to services, venue hire and opportunities to support Awesome’s work.



“We can’t thank the team enough for taking on the challenges we presented them with and the expertise they brought to problem-solving. We are so happy with our new website, but more importantly, the positive comments from children, parents, carers and partners confirms we chose the right design team.”
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